Dr. Dan L. Edmunds, Ed.D,B.C.S.A.,DAPA.

Dr. Dan L. Edmunds, Ed.D,B.C.S.A.,DAPA.
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Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Through capitalistic greed and corporate power, the United States is slowly being sold out to foreign interests and powers. We are allowing our nation's assets to be given away. Our freedoms and rights are being eroded often under the guise that 'it is for our own good and protection." We lack choices in government, we are controlled by an oligarchic system, a rulin elite, where the very wealthy are the only players. Third party candidates stand no chance, for example in Pennsylvania, The McCain camp knows that the Libertarian candidate Bob Barr could take votes away and lead to an Obama win in Pennsylvania. However, rather than allowing choice, the Mccain camp is fighting for the removal of Barr from the ballot. So as it is in most political equations today, we are not given any real choices, and the politicians hold all the cards, and seek to keep it that way. With the current dynamics and a generation of apathy, we must seriously look at our future. The current institutions are decaying and eroding, and they are driving people mad. It is not that the systems will admit failure. If you do not like the system, too bad, we will force your conformity, hence a large proportion of American children labeled and drugged.
We must change our minds, and we must do it quickly.

-D.L. Edmunds, Ed.D.

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