Dr. Dan L. Edmunds, Ed.D,B.C.S.A.,DAPA.

Dr. Dan L. Edmunds, Ed.D,B.C.S.A.,DAPA.
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Thursday, January 03, 2008


Within society today we see 4 social divisions-
the ruling oligarchs- that is the few who maintain power and control over the system of things.
The privileged class.
The oppressed.
and the controlled.
The controlled are those who have accepted handouts from the elites and do not think ciritcally or engage in any active resistance but mrely accept the status quo. The oligarchs and privileged keep the oppressed class in a situation where it is difficult to overcome (for isntance, the privileged have their educations paid for, the oppressed must struggle with lifetime debt to be able to enter college). The oligarchs want to keep everyone in their place. The controlled remain in their place without question. It remains up to the oppressed to unite together and become active in the political process to be able to overcome the current system of things.

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Amma the Embrace said...

I'd have to question how public schooling and also psychiatry play a role in keeping people where the 'oligarchs and privelaged' want them to remain. The DSM itself, used to diagnose all the pseudo-diseases of mental health, is in itself nothing more than generalized and grouped together criteria.

Everyone experiences some sort of sadness in their life, albiet it is relative to their personal experiences. This is 'normal', and yet the first time someone encounters their sadness they run to a doctor and believe they need medication for the rest of their life. The only time medication appears to work is when it is working out of a sheer 'place-bo' effect. The person believes he needs it, he believes that it helps when he takes it, and so he behaves more 'normally'.

With the amount of 'normal' people having 'normal' emotions placed on these drugs, and with the way public schools are shifting away from academics and toward 'how to be good model-adults', I must question what ties psychiatry and oligarchical control have over public schools and society in general.

What always remains to us alone is our free will. If we go to college, most of us must go into heavy debt. This debt prevents us from ever really owning land and other such key things that make us 'free' and 'independent' individuals.

Just as we pull a hand away from a hot burner, so anxiety and depression are a natural trigger that something is not right. Psychiatry then steps in and tells us not to challenge the system but to take a pill so that we are more complacent to resign ourselves to our position.... Beaurocracies and heirarchies further jumble up any attempts to change things.

Psychiatry and public schooling almost seem to attack our ability to use our free-will.